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Examples of Smart Ideas

Ok, so choosing examples of smart ideas is always going to be a bit subjective.

What criteria do I use to define smart? 
Hint: I don't use the marketing version of "smart" product, generally meaning that the product is connected to the Internet.

Examples of Smart Ideas

Instead, here are the guidelines that I use when I look for  a smart idea worth sharing...

It's got to be clever - a good use of time, materials and energy to: meet needs, solve problems or add joy or beauty to our lives.  It should be good for you and good for others - ideally a net gain for society.

I also look for ideas that are: easy, quick, save money and / or save time, and save energy.  

Bonus points for ideas that are innovative and sustainable.

Or, sometimes I'll include a smart idea because I think it’s just plain clever! 
Perhaps it's an innovative approach to design or an everyday task or product that is a smart improvement. You know, the kind of smart features that makes you go, hmm, that's a nice touch!

I’ll be adding to my list as I come across smart ideas, both big and small, so check back often.

Hope you find it helpful!

Examples of Smart Ideas

Examples of Smart...

Smart Energy

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Home >> Examples of Smart

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