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homemade yogurt recipes

Why do homemade yogurt recipes belong in your toolkit of smart random acts?

Making homemade yogurt is a smart thing to do.  Here's why:

  • It’s easy.  Only 3 steps for the basic homemade yogurt
  • It’s fast. How fast can you pour milk?
    That’s almost as fast as it takes to prep – the rest is wait time.
  • It saves you money. More details below, but to give you an idea… based on local pricing as of writing, the cost of my homemade Greek Yogurt was less than 20% of the most popular commercial brand.
  • Best of all, it gives you delicious and very healthy food. The health benefits of yogurt are amazing.  And it seems like more are being discovered regularly.
  • Last but not least, yogurt is incredibly versatile, and has a ton of uses beyond eating!
    Yogurt is associated with helping relieve acne and yeast infection for instance.

And, even without any added chemical preservatives, homemade yogurt has a long shelf life of about two weeks.

So... what's not to love? 

You can tinker with the ingredients to make your own homemade yogurt bursting with the flavors you love best.

The variety of yogurt types and flavors that you can make is incredible.  Even though the variety of store bought yogurts is often pretty good, it pales in comparison to what you can create yourself. 

Homemade Yogurt Recipe Ideas

Homemade Yogurt Recipe IdeasThere's an incredible variety of options available to make homemade yogurt!

Here’s an idea of the huge variety you can achieve with your own homemade yogurt, just by tweaking ingredients:

  • Different flavors beyond plain yogurt: French Vanilla Bean Yogurt, chocolate yogurt, honey yogurt, lemon yogurt, vanilla bean yogurt, strawberry yogurt, orange yogurt, lime yogurt, coconut yogurt and almost anything you can think of!
  • Different styles: Greek yogurt vs regular yogurt, Bulgarian yogurt or Icelandic yogurt
  • Different base ingredients: use regular milk, or organic milk for extra flavor, Vary the fat content simply by adding or subtracting different types of milk, including whipping cream!  (so, so, so  very rich and tasty!) While organic yogurt is both hard to find and expensive, you can create your own just by using organic milk as your base ingredient.
  • Did you know that you don’t even have to use milk at all? Try soy milk yogurt, even coconut cream.  Or use a mixture of milk and coconut water…
  • Different formats: drinkable yogurt, frozen yogurt, yogurt as dessert either on its own or with whatever flavor you like, and even yogurt cheese
  • Use yogurt as a tasty ingredient in other recipes: yogurt smoothies,   yogurt cake, yogurt in dips, yogurt cake recipes, yogurt pancake and waffle recipes, and more…

I've been experimenting with different flavor combinations and uses and our whole family has been enjoying the journey.

I've sorted out what the best yogurt making tools are and figured out some tips in the process of making yogurt. 

What I've also realized is that with less than a couple of hours on the weekend, I can make 4 liters of yogurt, enough to last a whole week, even with my yogurt loving husband.

My weekend routine results in two liters of French Vanilla bean yogurt, and another two liters of a citrus flavor, lemon, orange or lime. Lemon yogurt is the hands down favorite in our household. 

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Home >> Examples of Smart >> Make Homemade >> Homemade Yogurt Recipes

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