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Make Homemade

There are a lot of good reasons to make homemade stuff - pride being right up there!  But, in my view, it's only worth while if it also meets my test for being worth the trouble of doing it homemade - easy, money saving, and good quality.

Make Homemade - easy, cheap and good qualityMake Homemade! Easy, Cheaper, Better

I started my quest for going the homemade route, while I was looking for ways to cut my grocery bill, and also improve our family's diet.  

So, I first went in search of some good homemade recipes to replace some of processed ready-to-eat food we'd been buying.

I lucked out and found some great ideas, like homemade yogurt recipes, that not only reduced our grocery bill, it provided us with delicious food that tastes much better than prepared, and could be made with minimal fuss or muss.  You can choose from my findings below.

To be clear, I'm as time stressed as anyone else, so I was leery of committing to anything that would eat up whatever rest time I had.  To my surprise, there are a number of things that I can make homemade that require very, very little time.  

And, even better, in many cases, they only require a very minimal investment in 'equipment' up front.  With the money I saved in my early experiments I was able to invest in cool kitchen gadgets that make the tasks even simpler, and eventually some quality small kitchen appliances that make it easier still.

Along the way, I also started experimenting with other easy-peasy homemade products, like homemade soap, homemade shampoo, homemade hair conditioner, and homemade air freshener.  And I'm still discovering other things to make too.

So, to help you along in your journey, here's my selection of some of the homemade recipes I've discovered or developed, along with some of the cool equipment and kitchen gadgets that I found also made the task easier, faster and more enjoyable.


What's worth Making Homemade?

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